Friday, May 20, 2011

How to make a stencil with vinyl

This is how your vinyl will come to you. It will look like this with the transfer tape already on.

For stencils it is easiest for me to pull the paper of the back instead of trying to fight with the transfer tape and vinyl.

Put the stencil on the board and pull off the transfer tape. Make sure you pull slowly!!

Pause for a dressing barbie break...have to be a mom too!! :)
Here is what the board looks like with the transfer tape off. You are ready to paint now!!

Now is when you can be creative. Sometimes I do 3 colors...sometimes more. Make sure you pay special attention to the bottom and tops of the letters. I have hurried at times and those tips seem to suffer the most!!

Let the paint dry. Peel away the vinyl. I get out my trusty tweezers to get the small pieces.

I like to sand and distress mine. Here is the final look!! I love these colors for summer!!

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